Wallace is my moms number 3 and he is who i call Dad. Stick around on here and i think this will all come to full light, and make no sense at all, maybe.

Ok I'm not making this for just me and my close family, I have been thinking about doing this every since the Bline Family reunion in July 2008. I've been in the Air Force since 1996 and when I came home in the past I never really missed my family when I left except this time. To see my two boys have so much fun, and the fact that Kyle was 2 and he still knows who Mama and Papa is makes me miss it more. Yumi witch is a big city girl had the best time with all the family in the country (which she still hates). I knew most of the family that was there, some that I had met in the past but really didn't know and some I really still don't remember (sorry). Now that I see the pictures from the Berryman Family Reunion 2009 I see more family that I don't know but wish I did. It's starting to get that way with the Barnes side of my family with people I don't know.
So now the purpose of the site is to bring everyone to one place so we can stay in touch EZer and to build our history (or dirty laundry) on the net.

So if you look to the left of this page you will see the 2 roots I have set in for the site, John & Evelyn (Berryman) Bline, Richard & Lara (Woolsey) Barnes. Even though this is the two I have chosen to start with it's not limited to them.



Welcome to the site!!!!

Well this is me to the left, some know me some don't. My name is Gregory W Lynn. That is my wife Yumi, Luka on the right, Kyle on the left.
I'm the son of Wallace and Rebecca F (Bline) Barnes. Ok now some of you are now wondering what this Barnes, Bline, Lynn. Yes this is right